Gather all of your tax records. Since most tax documents are not mailed anymore, please make sure to contact your employer/financial institution/government on how to obtain the information necessary to file your 2023 tax return.


Please provide a current state ID/Driver’s License for you and your spouse (if married jointly) along with accurate Social Security Numbers and Date of Birth for everyone listed on the tax return, including your dependents

Refund/Payment method:

Please provide the routing and account number of the bank account where you would like to receive your refund and/or pay for your taxes when your preparer electronically files your tax return or indicate an alternative payment method to your preparer.

Proof of Income:

Type of Income: Tax Form: Where to obtain:
Wages W-2 Employer/HR
Self-Employment/Contracting 1099 NEC Employer/3rd Party Vendor
Bank Interest/Dividens 1099-Int/1099 Div Financial Institution/Brokerage
Investment Stock/Equities Sale Consolidated 1099 Financial Institution/Brokerage
Retirement Income Distribution 1099-R Financial Institution/Brokerage
Social Security Income 1099-SSA Social Security Administration
Unemployment Income 1099-G State Department of Labor
Gambling Winnings W2-G 3rd party Vendor (ie Casino)
State Tax Refunds State Dept of Tax and Finance 3rd party Vendor (ie Casino)
Royalties 1099-MISC 3rd Party Vendor
Prizes and Awards 1099-MISC 3rd Party Vendor

Proof of Expenses:

Type of Income: Tax Form: Where to obtain:
Self-Employment Business Expenses Profit/Loss Summary Quickbooks/Excel/Manual
Education Expenses 1098-T Academic Institution (ie College)
Medical Expenses Receipt Total Hospital/Medical Center
Charitable Contributions Receipt Total Qualified Organization (501c3)
Mortgage Interest/Real Estate Taxes Form 1098 Lending Financial Institution
IRA Contributions/Distributions Form 1099-R/5498 Financial Institution/Brokerage


If you experienced any of the following during the year, please let your preparer know.

  • Change of employment and/or additional employment (2nd job)
  • Move to a new address and when and where you moved to
  • Got married or divorced
  • Had a child and/or claimed an additional dependent(s)
  • Unexpected Loss due to theft/natural disaster (ie. hurricane, flood)
  • Installed solar panels and/or other energy efficient property improvements
  • Anything else you would like your preparer to know

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