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**Note: $150 for each additional state and/or Non-US citizen filings (Form 1040NR)



1Why should I hire someone to do my taxes instead of using a software on my own?
Factors to consider include complexity of your return, time needed to complete it, and the risk of errors if not prepared correctly. A licensed tax accountant should accurately prepare your return in a time efficient manner for a reasonable fee.
2What should I put on my W-2 withholding?
Generally, the higher the number you put on your withholding forms, less taxes are taken out of your paychecks, but the more you can potentially owe when you prepare your return. The lower the number you put on your withholding forms, the higher the amount of taxes are taken out and the greater chance of you receiving a refund when you prepare your tax return. For more information: https://www.irs.gov/individuals/tax-withholding-estimator
3Should I file jointly or separately?
Although this depends on several factors from each spouse, usually it is more beneficial to file jointly. Of course there are exceptions to the rule so we ask you to provide all information for us to help you find the most ideal filing situation.
4Do I need to give you the receipts?
Each accountant works differently. We do not ask that you provide receipts, but we will question expenses if we need more detail. Additionally, it is wise to keep receipts for at least 3 years just in case you need them to substantiate what was reported on your tax return by any tax government agencies.
5Where’s my refund and how long does it take to receive it?
Once we electronically file your return usually it takes around 3 weeks for it to be processed. Please check with the Internal Revenue Service and/or the corresponding state government(s) for the status of your refund.

IRS: www.irs.gov/refunds
6How do I know my information is protected?
Every accountant has different methods of safeguarding information. At Jet Tax, we use a secure portal through Intuit to transmit and/or receive client information. Additionally we use password protected .pdf files for your tax returns and other sensitive information that needs to be sent through email. For more information on the secure portal we use please visit: https://accountants.intuit.com/tax-client-portal-for-accountants/client-invitation/
7What information should I provide you?
Please provide the following documents to help us prepare your tax return accurately. Identification: State ID, front and back Previous year federal and state(s) tax return Proof of Income: Some common tax forms you may receive include: W2: Wage income from your job 1099-Int: Interest income from your bank(s) Consolidated 1099: Tax package received from your brokerage for your investments. *1099-K/1099 NEC: Received for a variety of different income received that includes gig work or even selling items on eBay and Etsy. Please click on the ‘JET Tax Inc’s 2023 Tax Filing information’ link for more detailed information.


1Lynn C., Financial Professional
Frank is a detail-oriented tax service provider. Through my friend’s recommendation I hired Frank for my individual tax preparation. Despite the complexity of my return, Frank is able to deliver quality work in a timely manner. I am impressed by his passion, efficiency, reliability, and the depth of knowledge that he has shown in Tax. I’ve recommended JET Tax and Frank to a couple of friends and they are also satisfied with the value of the service provided. I will definitely hire him again in the future, and will strongly recommend him for anyone who is looking for tax services.
2Ryan C., Medical Professional
I've been using JET Tax Inc for their tax services for several years. I am impressed by their expertise, patience and confidentiality. They have a phenomenal and cordial staff who will work with you to insure that your needs are met satisfactorily and expeditiously.
3Mike T., Real Estate Professional
I have never seen anyone else so passionate about taxes as Frank.  Everyone dreads the tax season, but not this guy.  I understand it's a business for him, but he genuinely loves doing taxes, and he does this while going over and beyond for his clients.  It's rare to work with someone that makes you feel like he is giving you 110% of his attention and effort these days.  Frank, I can say, is such person.  I can appreciate how he is readily reachable when I need his help or advice on tax related issues.  It's hard finding someone that can offer this level of service while not charging you an arm and a leg for it.
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