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Our team of professionals provide tax preparation for Corporations, LLCs, Partnerships, and Sole Proprietors.




1What entity should I choose?
This depends on various factors such as industry, legal liability, and individual vs. business tax rates. Although a decision cannot be made just from this information, it does give you different factors to consider before deciding which one to use. For more information, visit this link:
2What can I deduct?
Every business operation is unique and therefore require different expenditures to upkeep the business. When it comes to deductible expenses, it’s not a one size fits all. Instead you would need to think about how the potential expense relates to your business. The general parameters usually involve: -Ordinary: Taking a bus or subway to see a client vs. renting a luxury car to drive there -Necessary: Inventory purchases or professional business subscriptions vs. lavish office decorations Exclusive: Home Office space dedicated to business use For more information please visit:
3What information should I provide you?
If you would like us to prepare your business tax return and other tax matters, please provide the following: Description of your business and industry Business formation documents: -Articles of Organization/Certificate of Incorporation -State Filing Receipt -EIN letter -Previous Business tax returns (if any): -Entity Income tax returns such as C-Corporation form 1120/S-Corporation Form 1120-S/Partnerships-Form 1065 and its corresponding state returns -Previously filed quarterly state sales tax returns (if any) -Previously filed quarterly and annual federal and state payroll tax returns (if any) -Previous Annual Financial information: -Profit and Loss Statement -Balance Sheet -General Ledger -Any letters and/or correspondence received from federal/state government agencies for us to review.


1Jay L., CEO of Vizion Trading Inc.
When I received a letter from the IRS five years ago regarding an error in my tax return, I tried to contact my previous accountant but he was nowhere to be found. While I was trying to find someone to help me, I was referred by a good friend to Mr. Frank Lin at JET Tax. After a few conversations with Mr. Lin, I felt his expert knowledge and professionalism was the right person for the job. The difference between JET and the other places is the personalized client service throughout the year. Most importantly, I trust that my taxes are done CORRECTLY!  Ever since my first encounter with JET Tax, I have never looked anywhere else. In fact, I have referred many of my closest friends and family here and they agree with me. Great job Frank and keep up the good work. I look forward to working with you for many years to come!
2John C., Managing Partner at Diverse Partners, LP
Frank Lin is a dedicated and passionate person that loves what he does. He is a trustworthy and reliable accountant with good insight into what's best for his clients. I have recommended Frank to numerous colleagues and friends and they all have nothing but praise and satisfaction for his work.
3Sheanon C., CEO of Arlignton Hall Corp.
Jet Tax Inc. has done my personal and my business taxes for the past couple years.  I highly recommend them as they have done nothing but exemplary work.  Frank works closely with me and unlike other places takes the time to go over what we are doing and answers any questions or concerns I have.  And on top of this their services are very reasonably priced.  Highly recommend.
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